Discovering what it takes to be a strong entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial Academy Beginnings

In existence since 1995, the Entrepreneurial Academy is a twice a year program that takes existing and future entrepreneurs on a 10-week journey, teaching the essential technical skills of owning a business, while fostering community relationships and an entrepreneurial spirit that lasts a lifetime.

Since the Fall of 2012, Entrepreneurial Academy Facilitator, Barry Foster, has seen many a graduate walk through the doors at the Greenhouse – in fact, he’s seen over 300 of them. While the business ideas vary and the faces in the room change, there are some foundational traits embedded in every strong entrepreneur that show themselves and further develop with 10 weeks of intentional cultivation in a room of like-minded individuals.

A,B,C’s of the Entrepreneurial Mindset

A – a positive, optimistic, and can do/will do ATTITUDE toward life in general. Always looking at the world through a lens of “the glass is half-full”! “I will succeed no matter what”!  “No negative energy needed in my life”! “Adversity is required for growth”. AND “Headwinds make me stronger”!!

If this is YOU – read on!

B – a firm and unwavering BELIEF in themselves that you can and will face up to all challenges and challengers that will attempt to prevent you from bringing your idea to the community or world at large! An idea without action is a daydream! Entrepreneurs are people of action. They must make something happen. They must be “in the arena,” not cheering or criticizing from the sidelines.

This action comes from the next trait of:

C – the COURAGE to face your fears and move forward while being fearful! “Courage is not the lack of fear; courage is the ability to work at one’s peak while being fearful!” The courage to build resilience in the face of resistance; The courage to build tenacity in the face of trials; AND developing the “grit” to achieve the goals you set even though the road ahead may get rough.

In EA, you’ll learn about business planning, small business accounting, marketing, legal entities and more – you’ll also have the opportunity to discover and develop just how strong your entrepreneurial skills, traits, and talents can be, and the world of difference that they make in thriving (not just surviving) as an entrepreneur.

“In my 30+ years of serving the small business owner, I’ve learned that the only place where strengthsuccess, and reward comes before work is in the dictionary!” – Barry Foster


Invest in journey

The Spring 2020 session kicks off on Monday, March 16th, with 10 Monday evening sessions from 5:30 – 9:00 PM. Successful completion of the program comes with a complimentary 1 year “Startup” Membership to the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce. Learn more