Nonprofit Connect


Nonprofit Connect is a monthly event designed to connect nonprofit organizations in the St. Petersburg community while driving innovation and sustainability through collaborative content sessions.

Nonprofit organizations are addressing the world’s greatest social, environmental and economic challenges. In Pinellas County, the number one capacity-related concern for nonprofits, outside of funding, is organizational relationship and networks, according to a 2018 study conducted by the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg. 


Nonprofit Connect exists to build a strong nonprofit sector in support of an equitable, just, and vibrant St Petersburg. We encourage:

  • Collaboration between nonprofit organizations
  • Dialogue among nonprofit organizations, funders, consultants, and existing support systems
  • Creation of strong networks to address collective challenges, share resources, and develop community leaders
  • Access to, and support from, the government and for-profit sectors
  • The inclusion of nonprofit organizations in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of St Petersburg, particularly through the Greenhouse.

What to expect during meet-ups:

Each month, Nonprofit Connect hosts leaders of organizations, large and small. Come prepared for active networking!

Please pass this invitation along to other nonprofit leaders. We want to build a full list of the organizations in the city so we can share this and other opportunities.

Our facilitator is Merle Benny, a nonprofit author, speaker and workshop leader. She is a marketing and communications expert and teaches the Nonprofit Consultants Institute. She also served previously as a 1 Million Cups Organizer, providing opportunities for startups, including nonprofits, to share their story and request assistance.