Introduction to Business Taxes

Topic: Tax Planning        Provider: The Greenhouse and SCORE This webinar provides an introduction to business taxes and tax saving tips. Topics include: • New tax law trends • How is your business taxed? • What happens if I have a loss/profit? • How to […]

Nonprofit Business Startup

Topic: Nonprofit Startup    Provider: The Greenhouse & Bay Area Legal Services Interested in starting a non-profit organization? This webinar consists of a two-part presentation (with Q/A) and will help you understand the principal operations of the non-profit organization and if it is the right fit for you. […]

Real Talk About Financing Your Business Startup

Topic: Financing     Provider: The Greenhouse, Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation Have you decided to pursue your business startup dream but are unsure of what is REALLY needed to finance your entrepreneurial vision? This webinar, “Real Talk” About Financing Your Business Startup webinar and […]

Establishing a Home-based Business

Topic: Home-based business startup    Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE Imagine being able to roll out of bed and work in your pajamas. No more long commutes, fighting crowds, and traffic just to get to work. Sound like a pipe dream? Well, it’s a reality for millions of […]

Best Practices for Buying a Franchise

Topic: Start-up Assistance     Provider:  The Greenhouse, SCORE & FRANNET “Owning” the American Dream can become a reality: every 8 minutes a new franchise location opens in the US, 1 out of every 12 businesses in America are franchises, and 50% of all retail sales are through […]

Show Me the Money

Topic: Financing      Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE ARE YOU… Planning your start-up? Scaling up your existing business? How do your plans look in financial terms? How much funding will you require and when? What are your start-up costs? When will your cash flow be positive each […]

Pricing for Profit

Topic: Business Basics      Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE Many businesses set their selling prices by simply copying what their competitors charge. While this might work, this will often lead to losses and not profits for any individual company. To Price for Profit, a company needs to […]

Access to Capital: Preparing to Finance Your Business

Topic: Financing     Provider: The Greenhouse & TBBBIC What should I consider BEFORE I pursue a business loan? What documentation is required when accessing capital? What are some capital access programs available to small businesses? A representative from the Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation (TBBBIC) will […]

Simple Steps to Business Research

Topic: Business Research     Provider: The Greenhouse & St. Pete Library Services In this session, learn the simple steps for accessing no-cost, premium business databases for industry, market and demographic information as you develop your business plan or grow your client list. Participants are guided through the […]

Fast One-Page Business Plan– Lean Canvas

Topic: Business Basics   Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE Learn to sharpen your business plan, clearly communicate your company’s message, target your most important customers and uncover your competitive advantages in this two-part series. -All this and more in two action-packed workshop sessions on Rapid Business Planning, using the […]