National Hispanic Heritage: Mercedes & Victoria Otaño

National Hispanic Heritage Month at The Greenhouse

In 1968, National Hispanic Heritage Month did not exist. What was once a week-long celebration has evolved into an annual, month-long observance. Today, Americans celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month each year, from September 15 to October 15, to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic Americans who inspire others to achieve success. The theme for 2023 is “Todos Somos, Somos Uno: We Are All, We Are One.”

 The Greenhouse joins in the national effort to acknowledge, appreciate, and uplift Hispanic business owners in our community. For National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are excited to highlight Hispanic business owners who have worked with the Greenhouse.

Meet Mercedes & Victoria Otaño with Malbec Bay

GH: Tell us a little about yourself and your business!

M&VO: We are Mercedes and Victoria, founders of Malbec Bay. We are sisters who grew up in Argentina, immersed in a culture where wine brings friends and family together to create life’s most memorable moments.

The idea of Malbec Bay started in early 2020. It was modified several times due to COVID-19 and life events that eventually brought us to St. Petersburg. Our goal has always been to introduce the culture of Argentinian wine to the American market and promote Argentinian’s best-known wine variety, Malbec.

The name of our brand, Malbec Bay, was born from a combination of the Argentinian wine Malbec and the area of the Bay. 

GH: What inspired you to start your business?

M&VO: In Argentina, it is very common to gift a bottle of good wine to a person you appreciate. One day, we were looking to gift wine to a mentor, but we struggled to find a product that was classy, educational, and personalized for the occasion.

We took this experience as an opportunity to bring to life our most unique product – a wine gift box. It comes with the added value of learning about the wine while staying personable on any occasion. 

GH: What advice would you give to others who are looking to grow their business? 

M&VO: Dream big, start small, and act now. Foster a sense of community and stay unwavering in pursuing your objectives. 

GH: Please describe your experience with The Greenhouse. 

M&VO: What I found most rewarding was the chance to interact with fellow entrepreneurs walking a similar journey. I strongly endorse The Greenhouse for anyone aiming to steer their business concept from inception to completion, equipped with the right resources and a supportive community. The Greenhouse serves as a conduit that enables driven individuals to spark more innovative solutions.

GH: Why do you think National Hispanic Heritage Month is important?

M&VO: National Hispanic Heritage Month is important because it celebrates the contributions, culture, and history of Hispanic and Latino Americans. It fosters appreciation and understanding, helping to build a more inclusive society.

GH: What are your future goals/plans for your business?

M&VO: Our goal is to continue spreading the passion for wine to our community by providing distinctive products and services.


Malbec Bay strives to share their passion for wine with the world. They offer unique, hand-delivered wine box experiences that teach you about the principles of wine. Malbec Bay offers wine boxes, wine experiences, and accessories to help you explore the world of wine. 

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