Entrepreneurial Academy Graduating Class of Spring 2021

Each business owner has an important story to tell in propelling St. Petersburg forward. 

The Virtual Spring 2021 Entrepreneurial Academy (EA) kicked off March 15, 2021 and concluded Monday, May 17. This twice a year, ten-week course teaches current and future entrepreneurs fundamental and vital skills on business plans, small business accounting, marketing, legal entities, fostering meaningful community partnerships, and more. 

The Entrepreneurial Academy is proud to announce the following fifteen recent graduates who will be joining the EA network of over 400 entrepreneurs:

Amber Calhoun
Bryan Black
Demetras Miller
Hillary Van Dyke
Jennifer Grosso
Joseph Muczynski
Melissa Miller

Natalie Doig
Patrick Horton
Rhonda Sutton
Rebecca Lang
Sheena Ellison
Tiffany Gooding
Rachel Blake
Cynthia Chase

Graduate voices:

Knowing that The Chamber & The Greenhouse are willing to support individuals like myself in the entrepreneurial journey is the one thing that has resonated with me while completing the Entrepreneurial Academy. There are two priceless things I will take away from this experience. #1 Manage your team, your accountant, banker, lawyer and anyone else involved in your business and #2 It's Priority Management NOT time management.....delete, delay, delegate, and diminish..

Demetras Miller
In ideation phase

After 25+ years in corporate America I suddenly found myself in Chapter 2 of my life. Realizing that I had somehow managed to juggle a career, raising a now 16 year old son, transitioning a parent across the country, Etc. I had acquired some high level organizational skills. Marrying those skills with my desire to help people I started to explore the world of Professional Organization. While I know it may seem a chore to some people I am hopeful that I can make the process less stressful and that my clients will be left feeling energized by their newly re-imagined space(s).

Natalie Doig
Declutter by Design LLC

Entrepreneurial Academy has been instrumental in making our businesses practices more sound. Because of what I learned at EA, The Green Book of Tampa Bay will be that much better of a directory for folks who want to intentionally spend their money at Black-owned businesses and be a part of this community's movement toward equitable economic vitality for all residents. Furthermore, EA has helped me grow in my understanding as a small business owner in my other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Hillary Van Dyke
Greenbook of Tampa Bay

About Entrepreneurial Academy

 In existence since 1995, the Entrepreneurial Academy aligns students with instructors eager to help students launch their ideas off the ground. Since Fall 2012, Barry Foster, EA Facilitator and business coach of “Everyone Needs a Coach,” has witnessed many graduates walk through the Greenhouse doors—virtually and in person. 

While business ideas and strategies change each year, there are foundational traits embedded in each strong entrepreneur upon completing 10 weeks of intentional cultivation in a room of like-minded individuals. 

To learn more about the Academy, visit stpetegreenhouse.com/ea. No prior experience is needed to apply. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Brittany Cagle by email, bcagle@stpete.com or by phone, (727) 401-2162