Understanding Basic Financial Statements

Understanding Basic Financial Statements

Topic: Business Accounting/Budget  Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE

Learn how to make sense of the basic financial statements that are essential to your success in business.

There are three basic Financial Statements which all businesses with financial reporting requirements must prepare and disseminate. Their names are the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows. To the lay person who is trying to understand the Financial Statements, they may seem like they are written in a foreign language. You may understand the words but the concepts those words convey may not be totally clear.

This webinar will give you a rudimentary understanding of the Financial Statements and the concepts used to categorize the financial activity of a business into readable tables which, when you understand the concepts, can tell a story about the financial health of the business.

Speaker: Toni DeMarco, MBA, CPA, CGMA, SCORE

Cost: No Cost


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