Business Spotlight: Tameka Harris

Meet Tameka Harris with Always Truth Incorporated

GH: Tell us a little about yourself and your business!

TH: Always Truth Incorporated is dedicated to teaching, reaching, uplifting, and inspiring people through motivational speaking, books, poetry, and educational rap. To grow as a speaker, I joined Toastmasters and won the best speaker in Toastmaster’s Speech Competition. I also had the opportunity to receive coaching from an international public speaker. I graced the stage as a poet at the Georgia World Congress Center, was invited to be on The Good Life on WTGL TV 45, and was interviewed on several radio shows. Always Truth Incorporated’s mission is to provide quality educational services to benefit people of all ages in the areas of writing, reading, character education, and life skills. Always Truth Incorporated assists in creating an environment where students are motivated to strive for excellence. I’m able to teach students and adults in a fun way that fosters a love for learning and growth through poetry, educational rap, and motivational speaking. It brings me so much joy to hear how my products and services have positively impacted people in the community.

GH: What inspired you to start your business?

TH: After being voted Teacher of the Year in 2005, I decided to walk by faith and not by sight. I enjoyed teaching and wanted to impact the youth on a larger scale. I saw the need to develop programs and products to help our youth build confidence and character. As a result, started my business, Always Truth Incorporated. Soon after, my former principal hired me as a vendor to train students for an oration contest. Later that year, I was invited to motivate youth and adults at several schools and organizations. I also had the opportunity to rehabilitate one of my former students after emerging from a coma, by helping him relearn the alphabet and sight words.  I began to receive several requests to tutor students and added tutoring to my list of services. I published an educational rap CD titled “I Am An Excellent Writer,” a poetry CD titled “Don’t Settle,” and character education books titled “Inspiration from A to Z,” “Inspiration from A to Z Journal,” and “Destined for Greatness.”  I am excited to continue producing tools to teach and motivate students of all ages.

GH: What do you enjoy most about owning and operating your business? 

TH: I love the flexibility and the freedom to be creative. I also enjoy seeing and hearing about the positive impact my products and services are making in the community. 

GH: What is your experience as an entrepreneur in St. Pete?

TH: St. Petersburg is a city of amazing entrepreneurs. After moving from Orlando, I had to rebuild my business. My journey was challenging in the beginning, but as I connected with more entrepreneurs, I realized that we have the same vision, to positively impact the community. This vision led me to start my own women’s group, Women of Influence, comprised of women business owners. Our vision is to unite, empower, inspire, and positively impact the community. There is strength in numbers. I want to make sure every entrepreneur is able to connect and grow their business. My philosophy is, let’s win together.

GH: What has your experience at The Greenhouse been like?

TH: When I moved to St. Petersburg in 2011, I contacted The Greenhouse, and they provided me with resources to navigate my business.  I was excited to know they offer free workshops and mentorship. I was connected with a SCORE mentor, and this connection led to me closing several business deals.

GH: What advice would you give to others who are looking to grow their business? 

TH: Connect with entrepreneurs who are doing what you do, join social media groups, and get connected with a mentor. When looking to grow your business know that it takes effort and persistence.

GH: What are your future goals/plans for your business?

TH: Always Truth Incorporated is looking forward to expanding partnerships with local and national corporations. This will allow Always Truth Incorporated to positively impact youth and adults on a greater level. We plan to continue our annual Book Signing and School Supply Giveaway. This year it is held on Saturday, July 15th at Lake Vista Recreation Center. In addition, I will continue to produce inspirational and educational social media content. I am especially excited about the release of my Sight Word Song which is available on Always Truth Incorporated’s YouTube Channel.


At Always Truth Incorporated, we build confidence and character in people of all ages. Through the work of an author, motivational artist, and educator, Tameka Harris, we strive to bring a passion for writing, music, learning, and life to a wide range of audiences. 

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