Issuing a Challenge. St. Pete, are you up to accept it?

Jessica Headshot


Jessica Eilerman
Greenhouse Manager
Mayor’s Small Business Liaison

Folks, can we admit that things are weird, unsettled and uncertain? Sure. Arent they also filled with hope, change and opportunity? I think so and let me tell you why.   

 During the past week, we’ve celebrated St. Petersburgs small business community during our locally recognized, Small Business Week. This  important effort  shines a light on our small business owners and entrepreneurs – and all they do for our community.  

 See, that is the thing about supporting small businesses – when we do that, we arent just supporting our neighbors but the entire backbone of our community.  

 Im sure youve heard small businesses are the backbone of the economy” and that is a completely true statement. Small businesses and entrepreneurs play a vital role in our economy – locally and throughout the country. According to the Small Business Administration, they are among the best tools for job creation via net new job growth and they fuel innovation. Even with all of those benefits, I submit to you today that small businesses most important role is what they do for our community. 

 When we have a strong and healthy small businesses, we all benefit. Diverse, small businesses create, preserve and celebrate our unique flavor and flair.  Our character is celebrated often: it is why St. Pete continues to be nationally and internationally recognized as one of the coolest places to visit. It is frequently listed as a reason why firms choose to relocate to the Sunshine City.  Small businesses help to foster connectedness, efficiently uses public services, boost home values and make conscious, independent decisions to reflect community goals such as sustainability and resiliency. As consumers, we have a choice how we procure products and services we need. Our communitys small businesses are working hard to serve you. They are showing up and they are pivoting – many upping their web presence and online purchasing so you have an efficient and effective shopping experience. So today, I am asking you to join me and so many others in recommitting to your support of our local small businesses. 

 As we continue to move nearer to the holiday season, lets start now by looking local, first. If you are wondering how you can do that, please find some helpful tips in what you can do to help lift and support our small businesses.