6 ways to support St. Pete businesses during pandemic

A number of local shops and service providers have been communicating directly with customers about the additional measures they’re taking to keep their still-open storefronts clean and safe.

We see you St. Pete businesses! You’re creative and crafty, and we WILL get through this trying stage. During this time, please be sure follow the best practices set forth by the CDC and know there is still plenty we can do to support local business.

Winthout further ado, here are six things we all can do to continue supporting our small business community:

1.) Carry-out and delivery.
While restaurants are still operating at 50% capacity in Florida, carry-out and delivery is highly encouraged.  No need to cook for yourself, and we get to keep our local favorites in operation!
Exciting update: The City of St. Petersburg announced they will be adding new “loading zones” to accommodate the increased use of pick up and delivery for businesses located downtown! Visit stpetegreenhouse.com/prepare for more information.

2.) Buy gift cards from your favorite restaurant or shop.
Businesses will be returning back to normal operation at a later date, so why not purchase a gift card today? This is a fantastic way to make sure that your favorite restaurant or store is receiving immediate revenue when business needs it the most. Shops like ZaZoo’d are even offering gift card amounts at discounted rates.

3.) Shop online or by phone.
Another way you can support a local business is by shopping from your computer or cellphone. Not all boutiques or retail stores may have the option to offer online shopping, if not, see if they will place an order by phone!

4.) Buy local produce.
Commercial grocers and markets are doing a great job keeping up with the high demand, but try grocery shopping at a local market to help support those workers. Farmers markets are already great at providing the freshest produce to the community, if they’re open, swing by!

5.) Consider a donation.
Not everyone is able to do this, but if your income won’t be affected by the coronavirus pandemic, consider a donation to a local nonprofit that could need it. 

6.) Be Patient and Kind.
Our local businesses want nothing more than to be able to meet your needs. Let’s remember to extend a little grace and patience, remembering that they’re working hard to stay open and serve their community while facing uncertainty. If you are on social media, recommend a local biz or share their post. 

The Greenhouse is promoting #SupportStPeteBiz to track small business news and help spread the word about the efforts local shops and service providers are taking to provide a safe and clean experience.