Make Your Website Work For You

Topic: Marketing/Sales    Provider: The Greenhouse, SCORE and Cyberlicious In this presentation, learners will discover how to create a search-friendly website that drives user action and supports their goals. Whether launching a new website or sprucing up an old one, this webinar will help. Speaker(s): Sarah Guest, Cyberlicious, […]

Get Your Local Business on Google Search & Maps

Topic: Sales and Marketing    Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE Showing up when customers are searching online is more important than ever. Ensure customers can find accurate, updated information about your local business on Google Search and Google Maps, no matter which device they use. In this webinar, […]

Networking Success: The How TO and DO to Get Results

Topic: Marketing/Sales         Provider: The Greenhouse and ActionCOACH Tampa Bay Networking is in the TOP 3 lead generation strategies for business, yet many of them don’t know HOW TO generate results. This interactive event is designed to help you learn HOW to make […]

Navigating a New Way to Network – Online!

Topic: Marketing/Sales Provider: The Greenhouse and SCORE OnDemand Recording From Small Business Week Virtual meetings have thrown off the typical networking strategy: attend an event, find an acquaintance, be introduced to someone new. Online networking can be your ultimate disrupter – and that’s a good […]

Branding in the Virtual World

Topic: Marketing Providers: The Greenhouse and SCORE The way we work, live and play has changed, but the one thing that should remain consistent in today’s virtual landscape is your brand. Whether you’re posting on social media or joining a zoom conference, your brand is […]

LinkedIn for Social Selling

Topic: Social Media Marketing Provider: The Greenhouse and SCORE What is your “personal style” and how does this integrate with your social selling on LinkedIn? This webinar will introduce you to your personal style and integrate this with social selling on LinkedIn. We will cover […]

10 Tips for Advertising Your Business

Topic: Marketing & Sales Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE In tough business environment times, why advertise? According to a recent study, firms that advertised during a recession increased in value and got more marketing bang for their buck. You have an incredible opportunity to increase […]

Elements of the Marketing Plan

Topic: Marketing/Sales       Provider: The Greenhouse and SCORE Learn your target market, competition, business environment and how to write and implement a marketing plan. Topics covered include: – Who are the right people for my product/service?– Where do I find these people?– What’s the difference between […]