Microfund 101: South St. Petersburg CRA Microfund Program

Topic: Capacity Building       Provider: The Greenhouse This webinar will provide information about the upcoming application cycle of The South St. Petersburg CRA Microfund Program. Topics Covered: *IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a MANDATORY webinar for applicants of the South St. Petersburg CRA Microfund Grant Program. […]

Getting Started with A.I. Tools: Tools to Streamline Your Business

Topic: Marketing and Sales     Provider: The Greenhouse, SCORE Learn how to apply Artificial Intelligence tools to your small business. Come and see examples of A.I and have your questions ready to be answered. Conversations around A.I. bring up a ton of confusion and wasted […]

Clicks and Conversions: How to Succeed in Online Marketing

Topic: Marketing and Sales     Provider: The Greenhouse, SCORE Learn the five steps needed to develop a successful online marketing plan. Speaker(s): Alex “Nemo” Hanse, Multimedia DesignerCEO, Foolies Limited ClothingPinellas County SCORE Fee: No Cost WATCH SESSION NOTE: You will be asked to sign in […]

Doing Business with the City

Topic: Government Contracting        Provider: The Greenhouse and City of St. Petersburg Procurement The city purchases a wide array of goods, services, and construction services for various departments totaling over $200 million annually. If you operate a business, small or large, and are interested in learning […]

Exploring Social Media Marketing Platforms for Your Business

Topic: Marketing and Sales    Provider: The Greenhouse Learn about the different social media types to help market your business. There will be a discussion and a brief demonstration on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Apple Podcast, and Pinterest. Learn how these social platforms […]

360° Marketing: Using Your Brains Before Spending Your Benjamins

Topic: Marketing and Sales    Provider: The Greenhouse Ever try to build a house . . . or a business . . . using only ONE tool? Nearly impossible – and you certainly won’t get very far. That’s why smart builders have a TOOLBOX filled with specialty […]

Use YouTube to Grow Your Business

Topic: Marketing & Sales    Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE WATCH WEBINAR Every day, millions of people come to YouTube and watch over a billion hours of video. They come to be informed, inspired, or just plain delighted. You can use YouTube to build your brand by […]

I’ve Started My Business, Now What? How to Develop Brand Awareness

Topic: Marketing and Sales     Provider: The Greenhouse, SCORE Starting a business can be tough. After you have built the website, purchased the LLC, and put everything together, what’s next? How do you attract customers? How do you build a community that can generate sales […]

Content 101: The 365 Hack to Making Content All Year Round

Topic: Marketing and Sales     Provider: The Greenhouse, SCORE Creating content is a tough job. Where does one get the time to make all of these things happen? How can we manage our businesses AND still have an online presence? What platforms should I start […]