Introduction to QuickBooks Desktop

Topic: Accounting and Finance Management Provider: Pinellas County SCORE Improve your knowledge and efficient use of QuickBooks so you can use it as a valuable tool in managing your business and improving profitability. You will learn the basic workflow while you customize your QuickBooks file […]

How an SBA Loan Can Help Your Business

TOPIC: Financing/Capital         PROVIDER: Greenhouse and SCORE Whether you are a brand new business just starting out, or an established business trying to stay afloat during the COVID crisis, you may find that you are in need of some financial assistance. The question […]

Grant Writing Basics

Topic: Other       Provider: The Greenhouse and St. Petersburg College Office of Institutional Effectiveness Is your nonprofit organization looking for additional funding and considering pursuing grants to meet this need? Is your organization ready? Join this webinar to gain an understanding of what the grant writing […]

Understanding Basic Financial Statements

Topic: Business Accounting/Budget                  Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE Learn how to make sense of the basic financial statements that are essential to your success in business. There are three basic Financial Statements which all businesses with financial […]

Introduction to Business Taxes

Topic: Tax Planning        Provider: The Greenhouse and SCORE This webinar provides an introduction to business taxes and tax saving tips. Topics include: • New tax law trends • How is your business taxed? • What happens if I have a loss/profit? • How to […]

Real Talk About Financing Your Business Startup

Topic: Financing     Provider: The Greenhouse, Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation Have you decided to pursue your business startup dream but are unsure of what is REALLY needed to finance your entrepreneurial vision? This webinar, “Real Talk” About Financing Your Business Startup webinar and […]

Show Me the Money

Topic: Financing      Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE ARE YOU… Planning your start-up? Scaling up your existing business? How do your plans look in financial terms? How much funding will you require and when? What are your start-up costs? When will your cash flow be positive each […]

Pricing for Profit

Topic: Business Basics      Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE Many businesses set their selling prices by simply copying what their competitors charge. While this might work, this will often lead to losses and not profits for any individual company. To Price for Profit, a company needs to […]

Access to Capital: Preparing to Finance Your Business

Topic: Financing     Provider: The Greenhouse & TBBBIC What should I consider BEFORE I pursue a business loan? What documentation is required when accessing capital? What are some capital access programs available to small businesses? A representative from the Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation (TBBBIC) will […]