How to Write a Winning Proposal

How to write a winning proposal

Topic: Government Contracting   Provider:  The Greenhouse and SBDC Pinellas County This webinar will provide an overview in preparing and responding to request for proposals. Preparing a response that is compliant and addresses the sections of RFPs is essential to having a competitive response. The webinar will […]

Keeping the Doors Open – The Key is in the Numbers

Topic: Business Accounting/Budget Keeping the Doors Open; The Key is in the Numbers – A Discussion of the Break-even Analysis with Food Industry Entrepreneurs The uncertainty of whether or not your business will generate the revenue needed to keep the doors open can be a sobering […]

Show Me the Money

Topic: Financing      Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE Planning your start-up? Scaling up your existing business? How do your plans look in financial terms? How much funding will you require and when? Will your cash flow be positive each month? Can you turn a profit in a […]