Thrive! Power Hour with Desiree Noisette

St. Pete Small Business Week Highlight

The challenges of the pandemic have not been easy. Things are changing faster than ever before, with uncertainty still looming. Our small businesses are working hard to be nimble, responsive and forward-thinking to evolve in a way to meet the changing landscape and continue to serve clients – the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit and the backbone of what makes St. Pete so special.

Thrive! Power Hour featuring Desiree Noisette, Founder and President of Mermosa Wines 

Desiree was a featured keynote speaker who popped by The Greenhouse to discuss her five key strategies to help your business grow and thive: 

1) Define success & laser focus on it
2) Ignore the haters/find strategic partners
3) Know your worth
4) Expect Success
5) Celebrate your resiliency!

Meet Desiree and Mermosa Wines

Some might call Desiree Noisette a renaissance woman; others may refer to her as a real-life mermaid. Both are true. As the founder of Mermosa Wines, Florida’s first Black woman-owned wine company, she brings a unique blend of intelligence and creativity with a splash of mystery and magic to the brand.

Desiree has always had a sharp mind for business and finance, so after growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, she pursued an undergraduate degree in accounting from University of Florida. She went on to study law at University of North Carolina and began her career as an attorney at a large commercial litigation firm in Tampa. Desiree loved the intellectual aspect of law, but after practicing law for several years, she decided she didn’t want to argue or think about arguing for a living. Instead, Desiree wanted to do something that made people, especially women, feel good about themselves.
That dream became a reality in 2012, when she opened Cerulean Blu, a swim and resort wear boutique in St. Petersburg, Fla. While running her shop, she began creating her own resortwear designs that were sold to retailers across the country. Cerulean Blu had a loyal following of clientele who frequented the shop for its unique, flattering designs and personalized service that included a glass of wine. She enjoyed serving various wines in her boutique, but Desiree wanted a very specific flavor profile that she discovered wasn’t on the market.

In 2017, Desiree’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination led her to create Mermosa Wines, a brand that honors her family legacy of sirens and celebrates everyone’s inner mermaid. The brand welcomes everyone to the party at the beach, on a boat, having brunch or getting together with friends and family. Desiree was mentored in winemaking and formulation by Joe Dobbes of Dobbes Family Estates in the Willamette Valley. Her sparkling wines are now made at Chateau Bianca in the Van Duzer region using fruit from Oregon and Washington.

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