Pinellas County CARES: Financial Help Still Available for Individuals and Businesses

More than 10,000 individuals, families and businesses impacted by COVID-19 have received direct financial assistance through Pinellas CARES programs, and many may qualify for more help even if they’ve applied before.

  • Up to $5,000 per household for overdue rent, mortgage and utility bills
  • Up to $10,000 max per business for restaurants, bars, hotels and many other small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic based on a sliding scale (home-based businesses may qualify)

Individuals and businesses that have previously applied for help through CARES or other local programs may qualify for more assistance if they have not received the maximum award amounts.

Pinellas CARES also supports new programs providing legal aid for evictions and job retraining for workers impacted by COVID-19.

Businesses: Emergency grants up to $10,000 for Pinellas-based businesses most impacted by the pandemic – generally, those required to shut down or whose customers were required to shut down or stop doing business. Learn more.

Individuals & families: Financial assistance for overdue rent, mortgage & utility bills up to $5,000 per household for those who lost a job or significant income due to COVID-19. Learn more.

Eviction assistance: offered through local organizations funded by Pinellas CARES to mediate between landlords and tenants. Learn more.

Workforce training: offered through CareerSource Pinellas for workers and employers. Learn more.