National Black Business Month: Lola Morgan

National Black Business Month at The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse joins in the national effort to acknowledge, appreciate, and uplift black business owners in our community. For National Black Business Month, we are excited to highlight black business owners who have participated in Greenhouse-affiliated cohort programs.

Lola Morgan, the owner of A Griot’s Corner, participated in the Successful Women’s Advisory Group (SWAG) in 2022. SWAG is a cohort program for women CEOs and business owners. During the program, participants meet monthly for peer-to-peer discussion in a confidential environment. They work together to hold each other accountable while they develop goals and leadership skills. Participants also share opportunities to support each other as they strive for business growth and success.

Meet Lola Morgan with A Griot’s Corner 

GH: Tell us a little about yourself and your business!

LM: I’m the owner and founder of A Griot’s Corner, LLC, located in St. Petersburg, FL. AGC guides communities to emotional and mental freedom by offering therapeutic tools, resources, and services to heal, empower, and transform communities globally. Our list of services includes 1:1 life coaching and hosting corporate and community workshops to elevate the voices of community members while helping them engineer positive mental health strategies for themselves and their loved ones. 

I currently devote my time to curating healing spaces within communities, teaching the art of well-being, and supporting the vision of The Modern Griot Corporation, where we are dedicated to providing trauma-informed tools and resources to address the social determinants of health and advocate for emotional and mental wellness. We understand that trauma and other adverse experiences can significantly impact individuals and communities, and we believe that everyone deserves access to resources and support to heal and thrive. That’s why we offer a range of programs and services designed to address the unique needs of those affected by trauma, including education, advocacy, and direct support.

GH: What inspired you to start your business?

LM: In 2019, I debuted my first book titled, “The Butterfly & The Bully” after experiencing the loss of my brother. This book is a trauma-informed tool that makes it easy for your young, loved ones to begin the conversation anchored in the root of their emotions caused by life stressors such as death, bullying, trauma, and separation.

GH: What advice would you give to others who are looking to grow their business? 

LM: Know your “why,” stay grounded, join the Chamber, build community, and remain steadfast in your goals.

GH: Please describe your experience in the Successful Women’s Advisory Group. Would you recommend the program to others? 

LM: What I enjoyed most about SWAG was being heard not only as a woman-owned business but also the opportunity to engage with other women who were on the same path. SWAG has been inspiring, and I highly recommend you join this program alongside other programs that The Greenhouse and The Chamber have to offer.

I would highly recommend The Greenhouse to not only St. Pete residents, but to anybody who is looking to navigate their business idea from start to finish, with the proper resources and community to guide you on your journey. The Greenhouse acts as a bridge in helping passionate people ignite brighter solutions.

GH: Why do you think National Black Business Month is important?

LM: I believe that creating an opportunity for advancing racial equity is important. National Black Business Month raises awareness to support and highlight champions who are making amazing strides in their passions. Why wouldn’t you want to support that? 

GH: What are your future goals/plans for your business?

LM: My future goals are to continue publishing tools that assist people on their journey of self-actualization, alongside expanding my network of coaches and clinicians to better support our community.


A Griot’s Corner, LLC guides communities to emotional and mental freedom by offering therapeutic tools, resources, and services to heal, empower, and transform communities’ minds globally.

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