#StPeteSupportsHer: Brandy Butler with TweetyB’s

Every move matters when you’re paving the way

Women face unique challenges and barriers as they work to pursue their dreams. That’s why The Greenhouse and the St. Pete community are dedicated to supporting business owners this Women’s Small Business Month and every day with impactful resources for entrepreneurs, dedicated support, community partnerships and more.

For Women’s Small Business Month, we’re highlighting women entrepreneurs who pursued their dreams of launching a business and found success through dedication and hard work, like Brandy Butler, founder and owner of TweetyB’s Activity Center.

This week we are pleased to highlight clients within our child care provider industry.  The economic impact of child care matters because they help drive our local economy. When parents can access child care, they are more likely to enter the workforce and stay employed; ESPECIALLY when our community has amazing and professional providers that go above and beyond to ensure parents are left with the peace of mind that their children are safe and well cared for. These St. Pete women owned businesses keep St. Pete IN BUSINESS!

Meet Brandy Butler with TweetyB’s

GH: Tell us a little about yourself and your business!

BB: I am a 47 year old single mother of six children, three adult children and three younger adopted children. I set out to open TweetyB’s amid the COVID pandemic to provide a service that I needed here in St Pete but could not find. TweetyB’s Activity Center offers evening and weekend care to school age children ages 4-11.

GH: What inspired you to start your business?

BB: I saw a need in the community and wanted to provide quality stable care for families while focusing on fun and educational support for children.

GH: What was it like starting your business for the first time?

BB: Starting TweetyB’s was challenging to say the least. But ensuring I followed all licensing, state, and local agency requirements, while keeping my vision was key. It seemed like an endless educational rollercoaster, in the beginning. However, being actively in the swing of things, I see firsthand the importance of such extensive training.

GH: What is your experience being a new female entrepreneur in St. Pete?

BB: Very rewarding. I can be a part of so many families’ “village.” We all need a little village support from time to time.  Being the Center Director, I can see the effects and impact that TweetyB’s has on the families we serve directly. What some may think are small tokens of appreciation, in fact are just some of the ways I can make the next persons day a little bit better. Kindness goes a long way.

GH: What advice would you give to other women who are looking to build their businesses?

BB: I’ve said to several woman and different times over the past two years or so: find someone you trust or someone that holds value in your life and simply tell them what you want to do… That’s when the accountability will come. Every time you see that person the question would likely come up “how’s the business coming”? That person for me is my uncle.

GH: What are your future goals/plans for TweetyB’s?

BB: My plan for TweetyB’s is to either acquire a second facility and base it in South St Pete or relocate to South St Pete all together to a larger facility and focus on providing our quality care with a fun environment in the community where I live. There we will also offer VPK 4 to our programing list.


Our dedicated staff, thrives on giving parents comfort in knowing their child(ren) are having fun while being cared for in our safe environment. We offer care during the non -traditional work hours. We are open Mon-Fri 3pm -10pm and Sat -Sun 7am -7pm 

TweetyB’s Activity Center stimulates and cares for children who attend Kindergarten through 11 years of age. We aim to provide educational experiences that promote social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Committed to the families we serve, we strive to give parents a complete peace of mind knowing their child is cared for in a safe fun environment.

TweetyB’s is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization. Consider donating to their mission: tweetybs.com/donate