National Small Business Week: Danyelle Lester

National Small Business Week at The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse joins in the national effort to help America’s small businesses do what they do best – grow their business, create jobs, and ensure that our communities remain as vibrant tomorrow as they are today.

For National Small Business Week, we are excited to highlight entrepreneurs who own successful businesses, like Danyelle Lester the owner of DBubble Effect.

Meet Danyelle Lester with DBubble Effect

GH: Tell us a little about yourself and your business!

DL: Hi, my name is Danyelle. I am a proud wife, mother of two beautiful children, and a woman of God! I am the owner of DBubble Effect, LLC. DBubble services the Tampa Bay region and surrounding areas. At DBubble, we create unforgettable memories. We provide an intimate fine dining experience for two or a luxury-styled picnic for you and your girlfriends. DBubble can be arranged in the convenience of your very own backyard, at a private park, or at one of our award-winning beaches. I have AC for those hot sunny days in FL and heat for the chilly winter months. You may choose one of our select packages or create your own ambiance. We offer seasonal decor, pillows, fresh flowers, flatware, and more. I also offer sip and paint, tabletop games, movie nights, etc. I have collaborated with some local vendors who are available to provide services including private chefs, massages, and live music. These services can be added to any package at a cost-efficient price.

GH: What inspired you to start your business?

DL:  Relocating to a new state without family was difficult throughout the years, and so we didn’t always have someone to care for our son. Although, we knew that the love was there, as a woman there were things that I still wanted and needed from him, and that was a “DATE NIGHT.” We realized that the cost of living had increased, and so sometimes we did not have the extra funds to do those fun things. So, I was thinking, I can create an intimate space in the convenience of my own backyard at an affordable rate. Win-win! My business has helped us get that old feeling back and our creative packages can help you as well! 

GH: What was it like starting your business?

DL: The startup was exciting and challenging at the same time.  By taking a leap of faith I was able to overcome my fears. I applied for so many different grants and even paid for one or two, but I wasn’t selected. I had to decide and choose to invest in myself! I was tired of waiting to see how and when I could move forward. I was willing and determined to make this happen for myself! I was hesitant about asking for assistance, but thinking to myself you need to be obedient to God.


At times, I reached out to others for their input and was given a few insights. I was very appreciative but needed more advice. I called the Greenhouse, had a meeting, and was given some very helpful information. I learned about the process for requesting my EIN number, LLC, different loans, grant opportunities, etc. I’m a fairly new entrepreneur who is still learning the way. I hope to be an expert when it’s all said and done. 

GH: What advice would you give to others who are looking to grow their business? 

DL: Trust God and trust the process!  Promote yourself, promote yourself, and promote yourself!  Don’t stop, and do not give up! Don’t wait, don’t overthink it, JUST DO IT! And lastly, walk by faith and not by sight! 

GH: Why do you think National Small Business Week is important?

DL: I think it’s important to know that you’re surrounded by entrepreneurs who all were once in your shoes.  We all had to and must start somewhere. It also allows small business owners to showcase their businesses and network.

GH: What are your future goals/plans for your business?

DL: My goals for the future are to expand and invest in my company. I would like to get more equipment and create a memorable effect for all my customers. I’d also like to promote and collaborate with others who are in the same industry as me.


Whether you select a package or create your own ambiance, DBubble Effect is dedicated to providing intimate, personalized, and unforgettable experiences.  
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