The South St. Petersburg Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) was established to promote reinvestment in housing and neighborhoods, commercial corridors, business development, education, workforce development, and non-profit capacity building within the South St. Petersburg CRA. The 4,777-acre CRA is the largest in St. Petersburg and one of the largest in Florida. The CRA encompasses Greater Childs Park, more than twenty neighborhood and business associations, and two Florida Main Street Districts.

The South St. Petersburg CRA is generally bounded by 2nd Avenue North, Interstate 275, Interstate 175, and Booker Creek on the north; 4th Street South on the east; 30th Avenue South on the south; and 49th Street on the west.

St. Petersburg is a diverse, vibrant city that is committed to intentional inclusivity to create opportunity for all. The South St. Petersburg CRA Microfund Program was specifically created to address the concerns of many small businesses that are unable to meet the upfront capital and scheduling requirements of the other City of St. Petersburg programs. Through this funding package, the city aims to provide opportunities for businesses within the CRA to take advantage of the capital access initiative, a hallmark of South St. Petersburg. 

The South St. Petersburg CRA Microfund Program offers personalized capacity building through increased education, mentoring, and networking in exchange for CRA funding so business owners can make targeted and planful improvements without having to provide upfront capital.  


Applications for the South St. Petersburg CRA Microfund Program are open from December 14 – January 15. 


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