South St. Pete CRA Commercial Match Grant Webinar

South St. Pete CRA Commercial Match Grant Webinar

To view more information about the CRA Commercial Matching Grant, or to view applications starting on August 2, visit

This webinar will instruct attendees on how to complete the online applications for the South St. Petersburg CRA Tax Increment Financing (TIF) grant programs. Information will include important pointers on eligible projects, where to get construction estimates, providing parcel and ownership information, and an overview of the grant review process and criteria. Speaker: Anthony Chan, City of St. Petersburg Economic and Workforce Development Department IMPORTANT NOTES:

– This webinar is REQUIRED VIEWING for applicants of the South St. Petersburg (TIF) Grant Programs. All are welcome to attend.

– PLEASE ensure ALL registration steps are completed, you will be re-directed to a GoToWebinar (url) to access recording.

– To receive credit for the webinar, grant applicants must complete and submit the survey questions at the end of the webinar.



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