Keeping the Doors Open – The Key is in the Numbers

Topic: Business Accounting/Budget Keeping the Doors Open; The Key is in the Numbers – A Discussion of the Break-even Analysis with Food Industry Entrepreneurs The uncertainty of whether or not your business will generate the revenue needed to keep the doors open can be a sobering […]

Intellectual Property, Anyone?

Topic: Legal Issues      Provider:  The Greenhouse & SCORE Do you own or manage a small business? Want to know more about the basics of copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets? This webinar will show you how to protect the intellectual property in […]

Navigating a New Way to Network – Online!

Topic: Marketing/Sales            Provider: The Greenhouse and SCORE OnDemand Recording From Small Business Week Social distancing has thrown off the typical networking strategy: attend an event, find an acquaintance, be introduced to someone new. Online networking can be your ultimate disrupter – and that’s […]

Branding in the Virtual World

Topic: Marketing                     Providers: The Greenhouse and SCORE The way we work, live and play has changed, but the one thing that should remain consistent in today’s virtual landscape is your brand. Whether you’re posting on social media or […]

City Services and Incentives

Topic: City Services and local business incentives        Partners: The Greenhouse, Planning and Development Services, and Water Resources Are you considering opening up or relocating your business to a physical location? Join this webinar to learn about key points for selecting your business location […]

Building Resilience After a Business Setback

Topic: Wellness     Provider: SCORE You lost a key client.  You didn’t get the contract.  You’re struggling to “bounce back” after a disappointment, setback or destabilizing event. Small business owners are bombarded with multiple simultaneous stressors more than ever. Resilience is becoming a key factor in maintaining a […]

Understanding FMLA During COVID-19

Topic: Managing Employees     Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE As a small business owner, do the letters FMLA cause you worry or concern? What are the rules, and does my business qualify? Well, worry no more and discover the clarity you’ve been seeking. The objective of this […]

Show Me the Money

Topic: Financing      Provider: The Greenhouse & SCORE Planning your start-up? Scaling up your existing business? How do your plans look in financial terms? How much funding will you require and when? Will your cash flow be positive each month? Can you turn a profit in a […]

Disaster Preparedness/Recovery for Small Business

Topic: Disaster Mitigation      Provider: The Greenhouse, St. Pete Fire & Rescue, SBA Is your business prepared for a disaster? Unfortunately, the sun does not always shine in Tampa Bay; but if you are prepared, your business may shine through no matter what the forecast. Learn […]

Simple Steps for Business Research

Topic: Business Research     Provider: The Greenhouse & St. Pete Library Services In this session, learn the simple steps for accessing no-cost, premium business databases for industry, market and demographic information as you develop your business plan or grow your client list. Participants are guided through the […]