Skyway Mall Business Assistance


Seeking guidance with next steps for your business? Reach out for assistance today!

The Greenhouse is aware of the situation unfolding at the Skyway Mall and have been working on a variety components to be of assistance to all of the impacted businesses. Please consider this dedicated page as a central resource for news and assistance available to you during this time. 

Skyway Mall Community Meeting

Our office will be announcing an invitation to join us for a meeting in early January to discuss this matter in further detail with all relevant partners and leaders to discuss other ways we as a city – and community – may be able to offer additional resources and assistance. We are looking to host this meeting just after the New Year.  Please consider signing up to receiving future notification and announcements:

Key Contacts

Misty Bottorff, District Director
Skyway Marine District Business Association 

General Business Assistance Inquiries:

    • Gary Jones, Economic and Workforce Development 
      City of St Petersburg 
      Assistance with Florida Main Street Business support

    • Eric Lavina, Economic and Workforce Development 
      City of St. Petersburg
      Assistance with business retention services including commercial and property listing reports

    • The Greenhouse 
      Entrepreneurial & Small Business Assistance Center
      Business mentoring/consulting, resource services to include:
      • business planning 
      • marketing assistance 
      • curated business navigation services unique to YOUR business needs