Commercial Revitalization Program (CRP)

Provides grant awards to projects that improve established business districts by redeveloping properties, decreasing vacancy rates, adding to the tax base, creating jobs, leveraging private sector investment, and improving the quality of life for surrounding neighborhoods through removal of blight .

2020 Application Period:

Sept. 25 – Nov. 20
Applications due November 20 by 5PM

Maximum Award Thresholds
❶ $25,000 Reimbursement –
Minimum capital investment $50,000

❷ $50,000 Reimbursement –
Minimum capital investment $100,000 and located in Census Tract eligible for New Markets Tax Credits areas or within other designated eligible districts or zones (see map).

❸ $100,000 Reimbursement –
Minimum Capital Investment of $300,000, meets criteria of $50,000 Reimbursement threshold and creates or retains at least 5 jobs.

The Commercial Revitalization Program will provide funding for future projects on the city’s commercial corridors, outside of the downtown core, that provide visible improvements to a building or site, decrease vacancy rate of the area, provide missing retail or service opportunities, retain or create jobs, and/or create new commercial space.

  1. Complete application form (Application will be available online starting September 25, 8AM – November 20, 5 PM
  2. Submit $35 check or money order for background check per officer/principal
  3. Documentation of property ownership or written consent from property owner giving permission to conduct identified improvements and evidence of a lease agreement. (The property owner will be required to sign the Grant Agreement to assume responsibility for maintenance of improvements funded by the Grant.)
  4. Detailed cost estimate of work by input (labor, materials, engineering, etc.) and project component (signage, landscaping, painting, carpentry, etc.) [in budget table format]
  5. Digital photographs of existing conditions of project, interior and exterior
  6. Three signed bids from licensed contractors itemizing the estimated cost of all project improvements
  7. Sketches or conceptual drawings of improvements to the property
  8. Proof that the applicant has secured the minimum capital investment (based on funding levels from Section V)
  9. Copy of current property insurance
  10. Legal description and survey of project site
  11. Encumbrance and title reports demonstrating that owner has clear title and the status of any encumbrances on the property
  12. Documentation of all other properties owned by applicant demonstrating that those properties are in good condition and in good standing with the city – no Code Enforcement liens, Special Assessments, etc.