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Success Story: Strands of Sunshine 5-Year Anniversary!

Congratulations, Strands of Sunshine!  🎉
Strands of Sunshine celebrated their 5-Year Anniversary last Sunday, on October 15th. The shop, which was started by Amy Marshall in 2012, has become a destination for locals seeking unique and locally-crafted gifts.

Strands of Sunshine recently won the Best of the Bay award for “Best Local Shop to get the Perfect Greeting Card.” Just last week, they launched a customer loyalty program for their greeting cards: Buy 10, and Get 1 Free!

We’re grateful to have shops like Strands of Sunshine lighting up our Sunshine City – 5 years and counting!

☀ Strands of Sunshine 
633 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 823-2878

They’re also on social media at:

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