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#BurgBiz : Station House St. Pete

Meet Steve, founder of the Station House St. Pete, a co-work / event /yoga / meet-up / awesome space in downtown St. Pete.
As an entrepreneur, Steve is known for engraining himself in the history of a building and using it as design inspiration. In its past, the Station House has been a fire station, train station and a bank building – these elements were carefully considered in its current design. Now, the Station House provides a cozy, yet progressive and hip epicenter for businesses and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
“I love the personality of St. Pete – everything here is about collaboration, not competition. Co-work is just like that. When you have a city that’s growing like St. Pete is, it’s important to have affordable and collaborative office spaces like Station House to come together, to brainstorm and create business – big and small. There is so much talent right in front of us and it’s all about creating the right environment to discover those talents.”

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