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#1MCstp: Kabinger, October 25, 2017

This week at 1 Million Cups, Jeremy Ramos came to share an update on his social enterprise, Kabinger!

When Jeremy presented last year, he told us about his rewards platform where consumers could earn points for their purchases to gift to causes they care about. This past Wednesday, he returned to tell us how Kabinger has grown.

“Think about one charity or cause – preferably in your community – that you care about,” Jeremy asked the audience. “At Kabinger, we believe that communities are the engine for progress and that technology fuels that progress. We also believe that a business can be profitable – in our case as a startup – yet still make a positive social impact.” These beliefs motivate Kabinger to grow their local community platform and enable more people to “be part of the solution.”

Kabinger “helps drive exchanges within the community and cultivate relationships between consumers, local businesses, and local charities.” They do this by partnering with businesses in the community, who agree to give a percentage of sales back as points, or “₭ Bucks,” for every consumer purchase. Once individuals have accumulated enough Kabinger points, they are able to choose to donate those points to a charity or organization they care about. Alternately, consumers can opt to redeem their points for a gift card. “We give you that choice and having that choice is very important,” Jeremy emphasized; “it makes the donation path that much more significant.”

One additional feature of Kabinger since their last 1MC appearance is the introduction of a pyramid-style affiliate program. “We have applied for a patent that actually allows you to bring your friends in,” Jeremy said. For every friend and friend-of-friend (etc.) that joins, “a small fraction – a percentage of the points they get – come back to you. So over time, you can build leverage and gather more points to pay for the causes that you care about.” The patent specifically covers using this concept with community platforms and fundraising, and will allow Kabinger users to amplify their impact in the community.

Kabinger is the only way for shoppers and their friends to collect points from local merchants and use them on what they really love most – whatever that causes is, that one thing they care about. It’s a win-win-win for shoppers, merchants, and charities.”

The Kabinger app is currently live with version 3.0. Free to use for businesses and consumers alike, they monetize by taking 20% of the points a business gives back, with the other 80% going to the consumer. The app sends notifications to consumers about the causes and organizations they care about and encourages them to reach full-cycle by reaching enough points to donate. For example, Kabinger might reach out with a message saying, “Hey, you support Big Cat Rescue. You’re 10% away from a $20 donation! Here are some opportunities for you to go get points from local purchases.” The goal is that consumers will reach that milestone within 6-8 weeks, with a “donation back to the local community, strengthening the local commerce and helping improve the way we all live and work,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy plans to expand Kabinger to all local Tampa Bay communities in the next 12-18 months. “There are about 45 communities in the Tampa Bay Area,” he said. After that, Jeremy wants to take company national!

If you missed Jeremy’s last presentation, you can find it here:

Click here to see this week’s presentation video:
#1MCstp: Kabinger, October 25, 2017

How Can We Help?

When asked how the community can help Kabinger, Jeremy said that the company is currently raising money and continuing development of new features for the platform. “To do that, we’re looking for developers, marketing specialists – anybody that’s willing to work for sweat equity,” Jeremy said. In addition, Kabinger is looking for “board members who are well-connected and can help advise us to take this thing to the next level.”

In addition, Jeremy said they are always looking for users; he invited all of us to download and install the Kabinger app (available for both Apple and Android). “We’re going to give you 50 ₭ Bucks when you join, so use the app, share it with your friends, and support your local businesses and community,” he requested.

Finally, Jeremy said, “if you’re a business owner, we’d love to talk to you, and if you have a charity you want to support, we’d love to talk to you as well.”

If you would like to get in touch with Jeremy, he can be reached at

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